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World-Class Digital Display Solutions

Watchfire is an industry leading domestic manufacturer of digital displays. Our extensive capabilities include product research and development, electronics manufacturing, and metal fabrication within our facility in Central Illinois.

We Stay True to Our Core Corporate Values

Relentless pursuit of quality

We are dedicated to providing best-in-class quality, resulting in the most reliable, best looking signs available anywhere in the world. Our determination to provide the finest products and service extends from our staff development to every aspect of our business. Every interaction with Watchfire enhances the peace of mind that our customers expect and deserve.

Straightforward and respectful approach

Our business philosophy, like our company, has its roots in the Midwest town where we design, manufacture and support Watchfire signs. We value integrity, respect and professionalism in every interaction, both internal and external. We treat employees and customers the way we expect to be treated and we don’t hide behind fine print.

Passion to help our customers succeed

Our business relationships are long term commitments, and we are driven to ensure the success of our sign dealer partners and end-user businesses. We are equally passionate about our employees’ success. Our customers know that the efforts of Watchfire’s team will help build their organization and improve their results.

Focused and selective expertise

We are selective and thoughtful in the products and markets we pursue. We concentrate on specific products that allow us to leverage our expertise and ensure we provide the industry’s best solution. As a result, we maintain sound financial performance, which ensures our longevity and a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and employees.

Long-term view

We are proud to be the stewards of a 90+ year old company. We are known for our unique levels of internal promotion and employee development, as well as for the support and recognition of our team. We are passionate about the success of our partnerships. We are dedicated to making decisions that support our customers for the long-haul because we plan to be here for decades to come.


Learn More About Our Capabilities

Research and Development

We can rapidly innovate and iterate products. This allows us to respond to changing market conditions, supply challenges or field performance feedback.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Housed within our over 140,000 square foot facility, we offer a modern and stable manufacturing platform with the ability to scale through expanding our workforce.

Sales and Service

Recognized as the quality and service leader, we supply products to over 1500 deeply loyal sign companies and more billboard operators than any other manufacturer.

Our Leadership Team

Stephen Harriott

President and CEO

Adam Grimes


Pattabi Doraiswammy

Vice President, R&D

David Warns

Vice President, On Premise Sales

Kyle Dines

Vice President, Sports, Indoor
& Digital Outdoor

Carol Wade

Senior Director of Marketing

Megan Hale

Director of HR

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